How much does it cost?

Price List

These are all 1-time payments. There are no recurring annual or monthly payments. Both the Basic & Pro versions share the same store listings. The Pro version is an In-App-Purchase upgrade. The only difference between the Basic and Pro versions is that the Basic version will show a banner at the bottom of the screen when you are using a custom project file created with the Designer. The Basic version is still fully functional with custom projects. When you are evaluating the software you are free to ignore the banner. Our apps also work without the Designer. So if you haven't loaded any custom layouts or device plugins, you will not see the banner nor will you need the Pro version.

Designer for WindowsFreeNA
App at Amazon App Store$0.99NA
App on Apple App StoreFree$4.99
App on Google PlayFree$4.99
App from Microsoft Store$2.99$2.99


We also accept PayPal Donations in case you are really happy with our services and want to send us something extra:)