Navigation Page

Represents a top-level page that manages navigation of app content. It provides a menu that appears when the user touches the menu icon in the app bar or when the user swipes a finger from the left edge of the screen.


Every project contains a start page named "MainPage.xaml". This is the 1 & only NavigationPage in your project. It cannot be deleted or renamed, nor can a new NavigationPage be created.


BackgroundImageStringThe background image for the display.
IsAppBarVisibleBooleanA value that indicates whether the top app bar should be visible.
IsGroupsVisibleBooleanA value that indicates whether Groups should be included in the menu.
IsNavigationBarVisibleBooleanAn Android specific setting that indicates whether the bottom navigation bar should be shown.
IsSafeAreaEnabledBooleanAn iOS specific setting that is used to ensure that page content is positioned on an area of the screen that is safe for all devices that use iOS 11 and greater. Specifically, it will help to make sure that content isn't clipped by rounded device corners, the home indicator, or the sensor housing on an iPhone X.
IsSettingsVisibleBooleanA value that indicates whether the settings button should be shown.
IsStatusBarVisibleBooleanA value that indicates whether the status bar should be visible.
MenuItemsArrayThe collection of items displayed in the menu.