Tabbed Page

A page that displays an array of tabs across the top or bottom of the screen, each of which loads content onto the screen.


The app does support nesting a child TabbedPage within a Tab of a parent TabbedPage. When using nested TabbedPages, bottom tabs must always be used on the parent, top tabs must be used on the child.

Bottom tabs are not supported on the Windows platform.

A TabbedPage is typically the child of either a NavigationPage or another TabbedPage. They share many of the same properties. These shared properties when left blank will inherit from their parent. In other words, if you've set the BackgroundImage in MainPage.xaml & you also wish to also display on the same image on this page, you do not need to set it again. This rule applies to the following properties: BackgroundImage, IsAppBarVisible, IsNavigationBarVisible, IsSafeAreaEnabled, IsStatusBarVisible.


BackgroundImageStringThe background image for the display.
IsAppBarVisibleBooleanA value that indicates whether the top app bar should be visible.
IsNavigationBarVisibleBooleanAn Android specific setting that indicates whether the bottom navigation bar should be shown.
IsSafeAreaEnabledBooleanAn iOS specific setting that is used to ensure that page content is positioned on an area of the screen that is safe for all devices that use iOS 11 and greater. Specifically, it will help to make sure that content isn't clipped by rounded device corners, the home indicator, or the sensor housing on an iPhone X.
IsStatusBarVisibleBooleanA value that indicates whether the status bar should be visible.
TabBarPlacementEnumThe location of the tab bar, Bottom or Top.
TabsArrayThe collection of items displayed in the tab bar.
TitleStringThe title that displays in the app bar.