Represents a tile that displays in a Group or DeviceBrowser.


This is the page type you should use when creating a TileTemplate for a Device.

The DesignHeight & DesignWidth properties only function is to help you when designing the tile. During normal runtime these properties are ignored. Tiles shown in a DeviceBrowser will use the size specified by its TileHeight & TileWidth properties. If you want a tile to appear larger than others, use the ColumnSpan provided in this class.


DesignHeightFloatThe height of the tile when in design mode.
DesignWidthFloatThe width of the tile when in design mode.
ColumnSpanIntegerThe total number of columns that the tile should span within a parent DeviceBrowser.
OpenDetailsOnClickBooleanA value that indicates whether the Device's DetailsTemplate should be opened when the tile is clicked.
PaddingThicknessThe amount of space between the content of the control and its border.


LoadedOccurs when the element is laid out, rendered, and ready for interaction.
UnloadedOccurs when the element is no longer rendered on the screen.